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Coat Saving Satin Ringside Table Blanket

* Biewers Bike Ride in Paris


These blankets are perfect for your fur baby to enjoy while waiting their turn in the ring or you can line your fur baby's kennel to protect their long coat.  They make great new puppy parents or holiday gifts. Printed satin with Biewer design on one side with Blush Plush backing.


Blanket measures 30"L X 20.5"W including satin trim. 

100% Woven Polyester fabric


*Wash separately in cool water using a gentle machine cycle.  Machine dry on low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles. Can steam to remove wrinkles, DO NOT IRON.


Satin Minky Ringside Blanket - Biewers Bike Ride in Paris

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